THE STAR OF INDIA – Classic Victorian Silk Lampshade


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This gothic victorian maximalist lampshade is truly a sight to behold! Inspired by antique gentlemen’s lounges and the mysteries of India, THE STAR OF INDIA offers a sense of decadence and luxury to your home interior. Hand sewn with sumptuous layers of antique gold lace over custom dyed ombre rust to antique gold silk lining, this lampshade’s bottom edge features a gorgeous vintage pashmina and is studded with traditional Indian bullion medallions in a warm amber for extra sparkle and flair. The lampshade is finished with carefully layered metallic gimp trims, delicate rust tassels, and a double layer of 5″ chainette fringe, allowing light to peek mysteriously through.

Designed to be equally gorgeous in the daytime or evening, THE STAR OF INDIA will give a wonderfully cozy glow to wherever you place it. Contains a standard washer fitter at the top and is suitable for medium sized lamps with a harp and finial.

10” tall total (5” tall frame with 5” trim)
9.5” wide 
14.5” long 

Heathen By Mather Louth create one of a kind bespoke Victorian lampshades that are a timeless and luxurious addition to any home. Inspired equally by the opulence of the past while also offering a modern maximalist flair, each lampshade is hand sewn with precision and an attention to detail using a combination of unique vintage (sometimes deadstock!)  and carefully sourced modern textiles and trims.

Whether you’ve been desiring a more classic vintage styled fringe Victorian lampshade for your Art Deco/Art Nouveau boudoir, a piece inspired by the lush beauty of East India and Morocco, or a bold jewel toned statement piece, Mather can bring your design visions into reality.